ACDSee Photo Editor 11 โปรแกรมตกแต่งรูปภาพ


ACDSee Photo Editor 11  โปรแกรมแต่งรูปมืออาชีพ แต่ราคาเบาๆ รองรับกาารทำงานกับไฟล์ RAW สำหรับตากล้องมืออาชีพ ปรับสีปรับแสง รีทัชภาพถ่ายนางแบบ ได้ตามต้องการ


  • ACDSee Photo Editor 11 - English - Windows - Volume Licensing - Corporate - Perpetual License - (Discount Level 1-9 Devices)
  • เป็นซอฟต์แวร์แบบ ซื้อขาด
  • รองรับกับระบบปฏิบัติการ Windows เท่านั้น
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Your Creative Environment

Fast-track your photo editing with software that skips straight to the fun part. Load images into ACDSee Photo Editor 11 and jump straight into GPU-accelerated layered editing with pixel-based precision targeting tools, filters, and adjustments. Photo Editor 11 is now stocked with RAW support for over 600 camera models, blended cloning, the ability to create your own color adjustments, enhanced control over text and layers, and dozens of new features to give you the flexibility to actualize composites, manipulations, polished photography, and compelling graphics with ease.

Blend of the Clones

Use the Blended Clone tool to copy pixels from a source area to a target area. ACDSee analyzes the pixels in the target area and blends them with the copied pixels for the most seamless repair yet. Blend away blemishes, telephone wires and poles, flash flares, lens scratches, water droplets, and general distractions and imperfections.


What’s New?

Have the Last Word

Add text as layers. Customize font, size, color, style, justification, opacity, and much more, while layering, blending, and adding effects for the ultimate composites.


Retouch portraits by moving pixels, not changing them, for limitless photo manipulations.

Rule of Thumb

Customizable rulers and guidelines make placing layers, text, and objects foolproof. Snap layers to guidelines. Lay as many guidelines as you like. Control the unit of measure, color, and visibility.

Handle Any Geometric Imperfection

Snap objects, text, and images to the top, bottom, sides, or corners of your canvas while moving. Display a grid for precision situating.

Copy / Paste Masks

Copy color images and paste them as luminance masks on other layers, including adjustment layers.

Pixel-Perfect Selections

Use Pixel Targeting to direct selections and masks to exact colors, brightness values, and even skin tones.

Import / Export Actions

Share your Actions with other users by exporting them as convenient, compressed packages, or receive Actions made by friends, enjoying the limitless creative potential of recorded Actions.

Luminosity Selection

Create selections based on the brightness in your images. The brighter a pixel is, the stronger a selection will be on that pixel.

Endless Creativity

Develop your own LUTs using an infinite combination of colorful adjustment layers. Seamlessly color grade your images by importing and applying LUTs as non-destructive filters.

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